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3 Quick Tips to Capitalize on Content for Better SEO

3 Quick Tips to Capitalize on Content for Better SEO

It is not a secret that content and SEO go hand-in-hand. After all, your content may be found on page 50 of the search results without SEO on your side. Likewise, you won’t be getting to the first page of your ranking if your content posts are less than satisfactory.

That is why having a good relationship between great content and SEO is crucial. Take a look at these 3 quick tips below on how you can make content go further while improving your SEO efforts simultaneously.

1. Structure Content for Your Audience

There is a reason why this tip is the first one mentioned. It may seem easy enough, but so many companies make content for the wrong reasons. It is important that you write content that appeals to your target market’s interests.

Not all of your posts need to be about your product or service, but they should still be industry-related. Writing quality content about your industry asserts you as an expert through interesting information.

2. Keep Everything Under the Same Roof

To get the traffic and credit for your website that you deserve, make sure you keep original content within your own domain name. This means that if you have a blog, opt out of hosting with Blogger, WordPress or similar sites and host it in your own domain’s subfolder instead. Whenever you have an opportunity to showcase some original content such as videos or infographics, make sure that they are embedded into your website and share them to others from there.

3. Create Headlines That Are Eye-Catching

The challenge: You only have a short amount of time and text to make a major impression on visitors. That is why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of having an effective headline. Write your headlines clearly, interestingly and make use of rich keywords.

Besides having an excellent headline, be sure that your meta descriptions are interesting as well and further elaborate your topic. Remember that your meta descriptions and titles are the ones that show up in search results, so make all of them count!